Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Blood Tithe

 In the damp, dark forest of northern Maine, a secret that was buried for decades becomes exposed. Jeremy was five years old and playing in the thick forest, when he fell into a forgotten tunnel. The old passage was left over from WWII; when the USA was trying to create the Master Race with DNA alterations. The chemicals were still there, mixing with flood waters, and only becoming stronger.
Jeremy is rescued from the tunnel, and spends the summer in the hospital recovering. But soon realizes that he can sense heartbeats from a distance, feel sap moving in trees. Best of all, he can gather energy from every living thing, which gives him unnatural and sometime uncontrollable powers.
His mother and sister are frightened by this as he struggles for their affection. Soon the CIA hears of the news and starts asking questions, as do mysterious people who are still alive from the original experiments. Jeremy doesn’t know who to trust.
*No Cuss words*
*No Sex Scenes*
*An Awesome Adventure*
Glenn Soucy 
was born on July 3rd. He moved a lot as a child and hardly stayed in a house longer than two years. Mostly grew up in Massachusetts and Arizona in the Phoenix area. Glenn graduated high school in Las Vegas and joined the Air Force shortly after. He spent three years in Germany and was there for the first Gulf War and the fall of the Berlin Wall. He married his high school sweet heart and they have been together for over 26 years. Glenn has been writing steadily since age nineteen. He loves to read and write, fast moving books that are "roller coaster" rides. 
Twitter: @GlennSoucy1

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Growing Your Monster

 Read one of the most unapologetically politically incorrect books ever, Growing Your Monster.
Tragically, at the young age of seven, Kevin has already discovered that he is invisible to his family. Since he is invisible, it is hardly surprising that family members ignore his warnings about leaving their home in Mt. Zion and moving to Taresville, which is inhabited by Alternative Lives, commonly called ALTs.
Kevin’s fear about the move increases when they find an ALT named Sinny already living in their new home. Kevin asks if “Sinny” stands for sin, but since he is invisible, no one answers his question.
Kevin’s mom is amused that Sinny starts growing when the family moves into their new home. Kevin is not amused. He believes that Sinny’s growth is directly proportional to his family’s spiritual condition.
The move to Taresville quickly proves disastrous. Despite his best efforts, Kevin remains invisible to his family. His parents begin drinking heavily and fighting continually; Kevin’s older sister rides off on a motorcycle with a skell; and Kevin’s older brother invites friends over to hang out in the basement and do drugs. Sinny has increased in size and boldness, but strangely, seems to fear Kevin.
Kevin’s downfall is finally making a friend. Chad is trouble. From stealing sodas out of a machine to stealing a bicycle, the older boy drags Kevin along on his illegal adventures. Then Chad’s situation changes. His good luck is hard on Kevin, as his only friend moves away.
Tragedy strikes the Halford family with twin blows. It will take a miracle for them to survive the move to Taresville. If they are successful in shaking off the tragedy, will they ever notice their youngest child—the invisible one?
Stephanie Parker McKean Biography

I’ve survived mauling by an African lion.
I’ve survived being bitten by a water moccasin snake.
I’ve emerged victorious from having been sexually abused as a child. Fleeing that abuse, I lived under a bridge and washed myself and my clothes in the river—even during the coldest months of the year. I painted signs in exchange for money for meals. If I didn’t make enough money, I didn’t eat. Now instead of living under a bridge, I write about them as in Bridge to Nowhere, released by Sunpenny Publishing.
I’ve learned that what doesn’t make you bitter makes you better. As trite as the saying is, you can’t make lemonade without the lemons.
And thank God, I’ve made the transition from atheist to Christian. My two favorite Bible verses are: in everything give thanks, and all things work together to good to them that love the LORD.
The worst day in my life was the day that I lost my job; my mother died and I couldn’t make plans to attend her funeral because my husband had just been sent home from the hospital to die; our sheepdog died, and my truck caught on fire in downtown San Antonio. With flames shooting up from under the hood, I raised my hands to the sky and thanked God. I was safe! Everything bad that could happen to one person in one day had already happened to me. It could only get better. It did.
Thanks to Sunpenny Publishing, Bridge to Nowhere joins my other Christian mystery-romance-suspense books: Heart Shadows, Until the Shadows Flee, and Shadow Chase. I’m now married to wonderful Alan McKean, author of The Scent of Time and The Scent of Home. We live in the lovely Black Isle of Scotland with our rough collie, Angel Joy. But I bet you want to hear more about the lion.
First, I was born in Texas, which was at that time the biggest state in the U.S. I learned at an early age that everything in Texas is bigger and better. When Alaska became a state, I cried. But what about the lion?
Along with an innate pride for Texas, I was born with a love for animals. At age four, my first pet was a large grasshopper that I carried around on a silver spoon. When I accidentally dropped spoon and grasshopper down the radiator in the upstairs apartment building, I sobbed at the tragic loss of my pet. My mother sobbed right along with me. The spoon had been a wedding gift.
History repeated itself years later when my four-year-old son’s pet grasshopper was consumed by a much smaller spider. He sobbed inconsolably. Son Luke Parker is now a U.S. Marine, which would make any parent proud. But I’m most proud of him for walking with God. But back to the lion.
My love for animals led to the snake bite. Because I was an unpopular child, I made pets out of snakes. Other girls were afraid of them. Riding a bicycle with a snake around my neck made boys notice me—they thought I was crazy! The day after I appeared on a local television show explaining how to tell a poisonous snake from a harmless snake, I caught a snake to see which it was. It was poisonous—a water moccasin—and it bit me. Now, finally—the lion!
Ebenezer arrived in the back of a station wagon to join our family’s roadside zoo, a collection of animals that included opossums, raccoons, assorted harmless snakes, a fox, a large boa constrictor, monkeys, a skunk, and a jaguarundi. The 200-pound pet fit right in with our family, until he reached 400 pounds and became a lion.
Sadly, when I became mature enough to quit riding bicycles with snakes in my quixotic attempt to impress boys, I remained immature enough to use a gimmick like an African lion. I invited a fellow college student home to see Eb. Not realizing that Eb had transformed from pet to lion overnight, I boldly walked up to him. Eb grabbed me by the stomach, threw me to the ground, and began mauling me. My terrified college friend jerked me out of the cage—which made Eb bite even harder because he was about to lose his toy. “I hope I did that right,” he panted. “I’ve never had to rescue anyone from a lion before!” I never saw him again.
And now you know about the lion. And when you read Bridge to Nowhere, an adult Christian mystery-romance-suspense set in Three Prongs, Texas, where the misfits fit, you’ll understand a bit more about Texas.
And hopefully, you’ll learn how to make lemonade out of lemons. Because what doesn’t make you bitter makes you better. And with God's help, all you need to add is a little prayer, a little praise...a little sugar. 
Twitter:  @StephaniePMcKea

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Snugs the Snow Bear

“Snugs The Snow Bear” is the first in a magical series of stories about a lovable, snuggable, huggable polar bear, and his tales of derring-do, along with a menagerie of animal friends. Come and meet Snugs, The Two Moose, Mrs Merryweather, Carla and James, as they take the voyage of a lifetime to a lighthouse on The Isle of Wight, a sunshine island off the South Coast of England, and miles and miles beyond! This first adventure will warm your heart as Snugs, in his own unique way, leaves a radiant, magical impression, especially on one little boy and girl.
Suzy Davies 
is the author of "Luna The Moon Pig: The Pig Who Hid" a fun new Children's Picture Book that tells a tale of MUD, Mystery, MOONWISHES MAGIC, and the power of SELF-BELIEF! This book is available on Amazon Worldwide from the Christmas Launch on 9th December 2017. It is illustrated by award-winning world-acclaimed illustrator and animator, Sheila Graber, famed for her work with Paddington Bear and family, Children's T.V, and her illustration and animation of Rudyard Kipling's "Just So" stories.

Suzy Davies was born in August 1957 at Battle Hospital in Reading, England, and grew up in Aberystwyth, Wales, and in Southwell, and Nuneaton, in England.

She attended Nuneaton High School for Girls and enjoyed a varied career before she went to Leicester University, where she achieved an Upper Second Honours Degree in Applied Sociology. She then earned a Teaching Certificate with Credit in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Trinity College, London, and spent time abroad in The Czech Republic and South Korea, before returning to her native England, where she read English Literature as a postgraduate at The University of Sussex, and gained her Masters Degree. She has over ten years' experience as a teacher of English, E.S.O.L, Literacy, Learning Support and Key Skills, including a Lead Teacher Role, and a role where she taught nursery nurses and teachers, helping them to compile portfolios on Child Development. She has also worked with children from care homes and convicts on day release for The Princes Trust, teaching Literacy and Skills for The Workplace, to help them turn their lives around with the skills needed to build a new life for themselves.
While Suzy was in South Korea, she wrote her first novel, "Johari's Window," and she carried her manuscript "home" through customs at Seoul and Heathrow airports. This book was published in September 2014 by SilverWood Publishing.
In 2015, Suzy was walking along the beach at Southbourne-On-Sea, in the Bournemouth area of England, where she lived, when she sighted a magnificent polar bear, etched into The Needles on The Isle of Wight, across the ocean. This magnificent bear gave Suzy the idea for a Children's Book, "Snugs The Snow Bear," which was published by Snow Leopard Publishing in December 2016.
Suzy's Children's Picture Book - "Luna The Moon Pig, The Pig Who Hid," illustrated by award-winning world-acclaimed illustrator and animator, Sheila Graber, has a Christmas Launch on 9th December 2017!
Suzy is a regular author contributor to The Young Writers' Newsletter and The Writers' Newsletter. She is also a Book Reviewer, a Certified Life Coach, (C.P.C.A.B) and Writing Mentor.
When Suzy is not reading, writing, reviewing or mentoring, she likes to commune with nature, go on beach walks, go boating, visit restaurants, and go to music gigs. She is also a big fan of ice shows and musical theatre.
Twitter   @birdwriter7

Monday, November 27, 2017

She Caused The Lightning To Strike

 The book tells the life story of a girl from age three years to young womanhood. Marva suffered at the hands of those she loved and trusted most.
Despite experiencing neglect, abuse, bullying and inequality; Marva felt her faith in her God through Lord Jesus was the only way she managed to maintain her sanity.
Marva coined the phrase 'She caused the lightning to strike' because she believes that if her God Lord Jesus had not intervened into her situations her vultures would have sent her to her early grave. Thankfully God intervened by protecting her from harm hence she lived to share her testimony. A sad, shocking and unbelievable story.
As the story unfolds Marva's strength, resilience and sheer beauty shines through. Her vultures or perpetrators are aware of this, so their intention was to totally destroy her by preventing her from achieving her goals and ultimate potential.
This book has been written to help first-time mums' and dads'. It is also highly recommended for academics and students in the field of sociology, psychology, anthropology, psychiatry, pediatric, early childhood education and medicine.

Monday, November 13, 2017

No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles (Inspirational Christian Romance)

An Illegal Immigrant. Bound by Secrets. Trapped by Choices. An Arranged Marriage. A Forbidden love...will Naomi and Chaz trust God? In her 5-Star rave of this Inspirational Christian Romance Tamie D. said,"This...Christian fiction...reads like a movie!"
Naomi fled Spain for America to escape living the lie generations of her people had lived. She planned to find her uncle and help him earn enough money to bring their family to this land of promise. About to be sent back, the teenager lets an old woman help her and when handcuffed and dragged to the woman's casa, discovers she must continue to live a lie. Will Naomi's coming-of-age journey be one of fear, freedom, or love?
Chaz met Naomi when she gave this drunken bum a few dollars and made him sign her pledge book while saying he would help others. Now an internationally well-known philanthropist, he will pretend to be less than he is to wed Naomi!

Lola was rescued from imigration by Naomi. Now this teenager wants to discredit her benefactor so she can have Chaz. And having discovered Naomi's secrets, she is bound to succeed!

Two people in love yet neither knows who their spouse really is. A teenage girl whose goal is to drive a wedge between this star-crossed couple. Can anyone get what they want before fear, longing, lies and secrets cause this triangle to unravel?
The Naomi Chronicles were written to be read one after the other. However, each book is a stand-alone and can be read independently of each other. For the best reading experience, we suggest reading them in order:
Book #1:No Other Choice
Book #2: Choosing to Be
Book #3:Beginning Anew
And soon to release,Book #4: Commitment for Two
Welcome! To be notified of author Paula Rose Michelson’s new releases, special sales, and get FREE Kindle eBooks when available click 'Follow' under her picture.
Writing great Inspirational Christian Romances, Thrillers, Nonfiction, Memoir, Self-help and works to encourage are author Paula Rose Michelson’s passion. Her desire to inspire others comes from being a late reader, who discovered books were her best friends! A lover of inspiring fictions where the heroine was one for her families’ sake, she writes about amazing women, and unique faith challenges. When asked about her idea for The Naomi Chronicles, Paula likes to say, "I cannot take all the credit for Naomi started telling me her story, and together we penned the six fictions." Having received so much from Messiah, Paula loves to bless others, and is excited that at least one of her Kindle eBooks are usually found in Amazon's Bestseller list for their categories.
When not involved in writing, speaking or helping other writers, Paula pursues other passions while supporting her husband Ron who is a Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Ministries field missionary. At one point, both of them worked for the mission. However, when the Lord called Paula to write full-time, she gladly left to devote herself to this work.
This happy mother of two married daughters and grandmother of seven, has friends who often tell her that she weaves such wonderful tails they lose track of the time. Since both family and her ever-increasing reader family matter to Paula, she hopes to impart a blessing to those who read her books.
Some who first knew Paula as the founder, head, and facilitator of LAMB Ministries, have mentioned that a few of those biblical teachings are found within her books. Paula knows this to be true for her desire to faithfully depict Gods love, compassion, and forgiveness while showing her readers The Jewish Messiah of Israel and the world parallel her wish to see those who feel 'less than' restored to wholeness. Therefore, within each of her books, she includes a few of the teachings God gifted her so readers can overcome and fe
el good about themselves.
Email Paula at: Facebook Author Page is at:  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

That Is How Things Are

 That Is How Things Are contains two connected stories:
“The Autumn Wind”—A moving story about the powerful wind and the peaceful garden, and how things change quickly when the callous autumn wind unleashes his power.
“The Kitten and the Sparrow”—A heartwarming story about friendship between a kitten and a sparrow, and how the little kitten learns about the power of nature.
Olga D’Agostino 
(aka Mrs. D.), an award-winning children’s author, was born in western Ukraine. She lived in the historical city of Lviv, where she studied business in Lviv Business College. In 1992 she immigrated to the United States with her two small daughters and for years worked in her own business. In 2011 she began her career as a writer, focusing on writing children’s books that have meaning and provide valuable lessons. Two of her children’s books, The Trees Have Hearts and Good Morning, World, won Mom’s Choice Awards in 2013, and three are winners in the 2014 Readers’ Favorite contest. She is a member of SCBWI and speaks a few languages fluently. She lives in the famous town of Smithville, N.J., with her husband Patrick and a meticulous old cat named Nyda.
Published children's books by Mrs. D. include Carlo the Mouse on Vacation, The Trees Have Hearts (Twice Award-Winning Children's Book), The City Kittens and the Old House Cat, Good Morning, World! (Twice Award-Winning Children's Book), Runaway Clothes, The Royal Palm, The Little Girl Praying on the Hill (Gold Award-Winning Short Story) and Carlo the Mouse, Book 1: Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse.
The full series of Carlo the Mouse and her new books The Mysterious Life Inside a Closet, That Is How Things Are (two connected stories: The Autumn Wind and The Kitten and the Sparrow), and her new book, The Cat Who Wonders, by Itself, and three rhyming stories in Who Is Most Important in the Fridge? will be published in the near future. Her books are available in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as e-books for most popular e-devices.
She is presently working on her first novel, The Chinese Princess, and a short story, “A Taste of Bread.” For updates on Mrs. D.’s books, please visit her website:
Twitter: @OllyGuseva

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


 Inspired by the stylings of Ted Dekker, Imposter is a fictional twist on Jesus’ parable of the talents, imagining the servant’s buried talent gets stolen.
Home on summer break following her junior year of college, Haley Jacobs is enjoying some time with her family while working at her mother's bakery. Life is good and all is well... until the doorbell rings one fateful afternoon, heralding a heartbreaking tragedy—a death in the family.
As if that weren't gut-wrenching enough, Linda, Haley's mother, receives a phone call the day after the funeral. The grave of the deceased has been violated. The casket has been unearthed and pried open. It appears as though nothing has been taken off of the departed, but... who would do such a vile thing? Some sick prankster looking to get their kicks? Could it be someone seeking revenge? They may never know the answer.
With the ugliness of that detestable act now behind them, Haley is hopeful that brighter days lie ahead. But everyone knows that tragedies always come in threes. She soon makes an unsettling discovery. A talent belonging to her late loved one is suddenly thrust into mainstream media by a complete stranger. The skill is too unique and its resemblance to this copycat is too uncanny to be coincidental. Who is this charlatan, and how was this ability acquired? Could it be as simple as a case of plagiarism, or is there something much darker and more sinister afoot? Can Haley catch this chameleon and put a stop to this defilement before it occurs again? Find out in Imposter!
Nate Lee 
was born and raised in Oklahoma, where he graduated with a bachelor of science in manufacturing engineering technology from Oklahoma State University. Shortly thereafter he moved to Wichita, Kansas, where by day he works as an aircraft manufacturing engineer, but by night he is an avid player of video games, lover of music (he’s a mediocre drummer), and affectionate husband and father of four. He has always dabbled in writing to some extent (poetry and song lyrics), but Imposter is his first foray into the world of novels.
Twitter: @authornatelee